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Thursday, 27 October 2011

Day 29 Guilderton to Perth- Planned 105 kms Reality 127 kms

Nearly home

The rain stopped for the final day. We could not have asked for better riding weather. It was suggested that the riders travel in as a group along the bike path but it turns out we would plan to go in by road next time. The ride was estimated to be 105 kms but turned out to be 127kms plus 3 kms to the restaurant & 3 kms back !!!
I don't think we should ride this way.

Won't use the bike path next time.

The end in sight

The usual groups of riders rode together up to morning tea & were then going to go from there as one big group.

Coffee break waiting for Mark & Richard to catch up.

We seemed to be waiting for ages at the Bell Tower & then we spotted them. Alf & Debra ended up coming in early on their own.

Still had the energy to jump for joy.

Late lunch.

Collis & I would like to thank all the riders and our support team for a great trip & look forward to seeing them again somewhere out on the road around Australia.

Thank you to Anna

and Norm (with Sheila's directions)

Still smiling!and planning the next trip.

Day 28 Cervantes to Guilderton 115 kms

Most riders made the trip out to the Pinnacles before riding today and found it worth the effort. Collis took me up to the admissions gate but backed up when there was the thought of a cost involved. It turned out there was no-one on the gate anyway & we could've got in for free. We saw some small pinnacles.

The Pinnacles

Jerry trying to look like a pinnacle.

Spot the animal that doesn't belong.

Sandhills & black boys were the decorations for the day and lots of both. I have never seen so many black boy ferns and couldn't work out which were the male or the female- apparently big difference. All I could think of was how much these plants cost back home.
The wind had turned and everyone was struggling today but no-one as much as Rob. We were getting a bit concerned at morning tea & was just heading back to look for him when he rolled in. He just needed to eat to get his energy levels up and then did the rest of the day with ease.
The rain was on & off all day & was pretty steady by the time we got to Guilderton. This was a shame but we had to expect it eventually. Not nice riding when you are wet & nothing worse than a wet tent. Quite a few riders upgraded to  cabins tonight & tried to dry out a bit.
Big day ahead tomorrow!
Fields of black boys.

Mark & Woody

Richard & his moulton.

The natives are watching us-gang gangs?

Rob exhausted- thought we had lost him on the road.

Jacquei with another native.

Day 27 Dongara to Cervantes 145 kms

One of the many sandhills following us today.

The original plan for today was to ride to Jurien Bay and then a longer day tomorrow. The wind was pushing the riders down the road and they did not need to work all that hard but it had been predicted that tomorrow the wind was going to turn. At morning tea time we discussed traveling further with all but 3 of the riders while they had the favorable winds. Collis & I decided not to make a decision until we caught up with the front runners which didn't occur until Jurien bay. It was decided to go on from there which was only another hour onto the day as the wind was still blowing. Arrived at Cervantes around 2.30 pm just dodging the rain. 40mm fell at Jurien Bay that night so it was a great decision all round.
Rare photo of Alf riding- he's just too fast.

Cervantes is a nice little town with some great seafood but don't buy fresh go to the club for a cheap seafood platter.
The clouds are building.

Day 26 Northampton to Dongara 125 kms

The storms are coming!

HMAS Sydney memorial at Geraldton.

The Cecile sisters

The leaning tree or the bloody wind?

Which way does this go on?

Fund raising BBQ at the caravan park.

Today's model- Martin at Dongara

Wednesday, 26 October 2011

Day 25 Kalbarri to Northampton 110 kms

The weather is starting to cool down. We are apparently being followed by a storm coming down the coast but we are still in front of it.
I've had enough- into the drink for the bike.

The wind has started to blow- I wonder in what direction?

The wind is picking up and some tough going on our way to Northampton. Visited a settlement of ruins where we had morning tea.
This guy got left behind on the last ride.

The whole town gets involved.

The Pink lake
The old convent- does has accommodation.

Peak hour.

Very quiet town as shown by the photos. Northampton had been a large bustling town in it's prime so lots of interesting buildings & railway stations. Was met by the manager at the caravan park & directed to our camping site (very close to a dry river bed). It rained most of the night (the weather had caught us) & the frogs woke & provided us with a chorus all night. I was worried about the river bed but no-one got washed away.
The lone moth- his whole family joined the party by the morning.

Now the directions are getting a bit complicated.